Shane Meadows Wants To Make This Is England ’00

Good news.

Not much good news going around at the moment, but Shane Meadows has decided to come out from wherever he’s been hiding and announced that he’s thinking about making a ‘This Is England ’00’ which is bound to cheer everyone up as it’s one of the most loved series of the past few years.

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Shane was speaking to Andrew Shim – who plays Milky in the series – for his podcast series ‘Shimmy Corona Diaries Ch.2′ on YouTube’ when he revealed the news, saying the following:

I don’t know when but I’ve got This Is England ’00 in my head, the millennium one.

Because I sort of thought it would be nice, because when did we shoot the last one? Was it 2015, 2016?

You’re obviously five years away and I don’t massively want to copy the film ideas, but if I went back, I’d love to do a millennium one.

Not really sure what he’s talking about there as the last one they made was ‘This Is England ’92’ back in 2015, so he should probably be making ‘This Is England ’00’ in 2023 but I guess that gives him a couple of years to sort it all out and ride out the Coronavirus wave. I guess it’s something for us to look forward to in the far distant future hey?

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