Shane MacGowan Finally Got His Teeth Fixed And They Look Spectacular

Just when you thought there was no hope for the guy.

There’s no escaping the Pogues around this time of year, owing to their classic 1987 Christmas track ‘Fairytale of New York’, which is probably the greatest Christmas song of all time and has been playing non-stop on the radio the last couple weeks.

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You know the one:

Decades of heavy drug and alcohol addiction basically wrecked the guy’s teeth, but he never seemed too bothered about getting them fixed.

He’s finally come round though and got himself a full set of implants.

So he’s gone from this:


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To this:

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Major improvement I’m sure you’ll agree. From the borderline meth-addict look to clean, respectable gentleman, and all it took was a shower and a new set of teeth. He’ll definitely make more friends at the old people’s home looking like that.

Who knows – he might’ve seen this terrifyingly disgusting video that explains why you need to clean your teeth EVERY day, without fail.


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