PHOTOS: Shad Tchup Ling – The Most Northerly Buddhist Monastery

If you really want to get away from it all, and I mean REALLY get away, Shad Tchup Ling monastery should do the trick. Take some gloves yeah?

During the winter temperatures are rarely above zero and there’s no pubs for miles. In fact there’s literally nothing for miles.

Shad Tchup Ling  - Kachkanar - Midday

Shad Tchup Ling  - Kachkanar - Forest

If I’m after solitude I normally go for an extra long dump with the bathroom lights off; that normally sorts me out for a few hours if I’ve been feeling a bit discombobulated.

To be honest I do get the appeal of the retreat to a certain extent. To know that you are completely isolated on a rugged mountain, tens of miles from the nearest village must be a bit of a rush. You would certainly feel alive in the knowledge that you really were living on the edge physically and metaphorically.

Shad Tchup Ling  - Kachkanar - Vista

It’s worth making a bit of an effort for views like these, I’m just not sure if I would go quite that far.

Shad Tchup Ling  - Kachkanar - edit

Shad Tchup Ling  - Kachkanar - Deep Winter

Maybe see you there?

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