Watch This Sexy Russian Babe Jump Into A Frozen Lake And Bust Her Ankle

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There’s not much funnier than seeing someone try to do something and it go spectacularly wrong and it’s perhaps only slightly bettered if they hurt themselves slightly at some point during it. Not so much that they’re in serious pain, but just enough so that it’s funny, you know.

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Case in point can be seen below, where a sexy Russian babe in a bikini is all ready to jump into a frozen lake, presumably hoping that she smashes the ice and plunges through it into the freezing depths below. Of course, if you’ve read this headline then you know that’s the exact opposite of what happens to her unfortunately:

Hot damn that looked like a hell of a smack there didn’t it? Enough to break her ankle apparently according to the end of the video hey?
Gotta say there are two things that puzzle me about this video. Firstly, do people think that it’s a good idea to jump into frozen lakes in Russia? Surely there’s always the danger of what happened in the video happening or that the water is too cold and you freeze to death or that you can’t even make it back out through the ice? Wouldn’t catch me trying that.
Secondly, how much of a dickhead is the guy filming to the girl? I’m glad we don’t get to see what he looks like because that would probably make me even angrier because he’s blatantly one of those nothing looking twathead guys who gets hot babes because he constantly negs them and treats them like shit. More prevalent in Russia I feel.


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