Sexually Aggressive Internet Memes Need To Be Confronted

Girls Busstop

The casual attitude to sexual violence in internet memes is something that too many people dismiss as a “bit of banter” but it’s a problem that needs addressing.

It’s casual attitudes like this that lead to victims of rape being blamed for the attack. Normally the charge is that they were raped because they were wearing provocative clothing, as if most rapists are lovely people at heart but just can’t help themselves from sexually assaulting a woman who has the temerity to show a bit of thigh.

victim blaming

Although I saw dozens of comments each time this nasty little meme was posted asking the obvious question: “errrr how have you worked out that these women are whores?”, I also noticed many thousands of likes for the meme itself.

Now I like some of the LAD shit on the internet. As you can probably tell from my writing, and as you would definitely clock on if you ever met me, I don’t really fit the LAD profile. I do enjoy pictures of a pug in sunglasses captioned “DogLAD”, and I’ve got no problem with most of the (generally) male orientated humour. It’s some of the attitudes towards women shown in the “humour” that I have a problem with. Sometimes it’s funny, often it’s not, and at times like this; it’s just nasty.

Why are those women whores? Because they’re showing their legs? I’m not sure how you’ve inferred that they take money for sex from that alone. Maybe you’re using the word whore when you really mean “slut”? You’re not saying that those two are actual prostitutes, just that they are promiscuous tramps. Ah, now we are getting somewhere. Good old Slut Shaming!

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The age old hypocrisy of male sexual insecurity is that men can sleep around but women can’t. These sort of men want the women they chase to be attractive and sexual in their attitude and in how they dress, whilst simultaneously deriding them for being so. A promiscuous man is a player but a promiscuous woman is a whore. This attitude is personified by the ferociously stupid metaphor: “if a key opens any lock – it’s a great key; but if a lock opens to any key, it’s a shit lock”.

Can’t we move on from these bullshit metaphors? Can’t men stop acting like their penis is a mythical skeleton key which can open even the most heavily fortified vagina? The imagery doesn’t even make any fucking sense! What decade are these people living in where every woman is some meek, passive thing with a locked up vagina that can only be “opened” by a man with the necessary key? Why do people still regard casual consensual sex as a violent act of conquest by a man to a woman? I know a bunch of girls who’d snap your stupid little key off in the lock and move on to the rest of the suckers on the key ring.

And why the fuck not? Who cares? These guys need to stop projecting their sad insecurities onto girls who get more action than they do, and people need to stop acting like these attitudes are acceptable. Next time you see one of these memes, confront the prick who posted it.


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