A Haiku For Every Girl I’ve Ever Slept With

Haiku Sex

Benedict Smith writes 26 poems – one for every girl he’s ever had sex with.



16. Our contrasting skin

Meant some passersby would stare

And we just loved it


17. You were a model

Who found me through my writing

Thank you, internet


18. We made a sex tape

I hope I find it before

My family does


19. I whipped you too hard

Inadvertently drew blood

Apologised quick


20. Cars drove by as I

Fingered you at a bus stop

(A romantic date)


21. It’s strange to think it

But before you miscarried

Was I a father?


22. We both got naked

Online for our followers

In different ways


23. “You don’t care” you said

So I pretended to cry

And then we had sex


24. You liked taking charge

And I went along with it

Out of laziness


25. I tried to whip you

Then I hit my testicles

It ruined the mood


26. It took twenty five

Twenty five misconnections

Before I found you

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