Several UFC Fighters Accuse Aljamain Sterling Of Faking Head Injury To Win Bantamweight Title

Was he faking it?

I don’t normally cover UFC too extensively in these pages unless there’s an amazing knockout or something, but one of the most controversial title fights in the history of the sport went down over the weekend when Aljamain Sterling won the bantamweight title in bizarre fashion after Petr Yan was disqualified for an illegal knee.

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Sterling was still on the ground when Yan kneed him in the face and it was eventually determined by the ringside doctor that Sterling had suffered a concussion and was unable to continue, handing him the title, However, several UFC fighters have already jumped in to accuse Sterling of faking this concussion in order to win the fight and the title.

Take a look at the footage below and then see what people are saying about it underneath that too:

Really weird situation there and I’m not entirely sure who to believe. Sterling kinda seemed upset and confused that the fight was called off and he ended up winning the title, but the fact that all of his peers in the fight game think that he was bullshitting does lend a lot of credence to that idea.

I guess nobody can ever really know except for Sterling himself, but no doubt these accusations are going to follow him around for the rest of his career unless he manages to shut them down or do something about it. Not entirely sure how he goes about doing that either.

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