Here Are The Best Memes Of Conor McGregor Getting Knocked Out At UFC 257

When it rains, it pours.

There was another major twist in MMA over the weekend as Conor McGregor was absolutely battered by Dustin Poirier in his comeback fight, suffering his first ever knockout loss as an MMA fighter and scuppering the already incredibly slim chances he had of a rematch with arch rival Khabib.

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Of course, the fact that Conor got KOed and somebody managed to snap an absolutely awesome picture of him looking completely spaced out on the floor of the Octagon meant that this loss wasn’t treated with any sympathy whatsoever, but was instead instantly turned into a meme. Here’s a few of the best ones, many of them featuring Bernie Sanders in a variety of different positions:

Think my favourite one there is either the Proper Twelve bender one or the one of both Conor and Nate Robinson asleep on the couch, but there’s something to say about all of them isn’t there? Also the guy asking how Conor McGregor is going to come back from this meme assault is very funny because there’s just no way is there? Very difficult for the guy after this, but we’ll see. Really needs a big win whoever he fights next.

For more of the same, check out what Khabib had to say after Conor was knocked out. It wasn’t very nice.


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