Seven Men Crash Through Club Toilet After Floor Gives Way

This would definitely make it a night to remember in your favourite shit nightclub.

The Hell Polish club in Eccles probably isn’t on your list of must visit night life spots in the country as it is, and it’s probably even less likely to make it anywhere near that list after this incident.

Seven guys were standing around in the toilet (allegedly pissing but probably more likely doing blow considering there were so many of them) when the toilet floor collapsed. 29 year old Mark Cowgill explained what happened: ‘I was just washing my hands when we heard a creak. Everyone sort of stopped and looked at each other — and it just gave way. It was quite surreal – it was like something out of a film to be honest. I ended up in a heap in the cellar. We were all in shock just looking at each other. It was frightening.’

The seven men all found themselves in the basement of the club, but thankfully they all escaped with minor injuries as obviously this could have been a lot more serious. Cowgill said he felt lucky to be alive after the incident, which you can kind of understand when you check out the pictures from it below. Local police said that they had found evidence of a water leak that had probably contributed to the collapse, which is great but everyone knows that hindsight is 20/20 so it doesn’t really help anyone.

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Toilet Collapse Eccles

Toilet Collapse Eccles 2


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