Seth Rogen Has Spent Lockdown Smoking Loads Of Weed And Making Soap Dispensers

Good for him.

One of the enduring Coronavirus narratives is how celebrities are finding it really difficult being locked in their massive mansions and moaning about it on social media, so it’s nice to finally hear from one that has actually spent it doing something useful.

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The celebrity in question is Seth Rogen, who appeared on ‘The Jimmy Kimmel Show’ to share how he had been spending his lockdown, namely smoking way more weed than usual, trying his hand at pottery and also making soap dispensers to help out the nation. He also revealed a pretty sweet trick for Zoom meetings, where he would just put a tablet with his face on in front of the screen so it looked like he was there but could actually get up to whatever he wanted to instead.

Pretty neat trick huh? Here’s the full segment:

Yeah, we are not all in this together, because this has not been hard for me, I’ll be totally honest. I’ve kinda been self-isolating since 2009.

Yep, pottery and ceramics – done a tonne of that and I’ve smoked a truly ungodly amount of weed since I’ve been in quarantine. More than normal, yeah… thank God it’s been declared an essential service – because truly, for me, it is essential.

Nice to kind of see someone in a position of power tell it like it is for once, even if seems to be way easier for them than it is for the rest of us. Maybe we should all just pick up a load of weed and get super blazed? Sounds good to me.

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