Seth Rogan Got Stoned And Watched ‘Cats’ Whilst Self Isolating; Live Tweets The Experience

Great idea.

Most of us are having a fairly bad time at the moment self isolating and trying to work and not go completely out of our minds, but Seth Rogen has managed to come up with an absolutely killer way of doing so and have both a completely wicked time himself and entertain his legions of followers. What a guy.

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Most of us will remember – although it seems like a long time ago with this Coronavirus pandemic going on – that ‘Cats’ came out around Christmas and was widely ridiculed for being one of the weirdest movies ever and not really making any sense. Obviously someone as funny as Seth Rogen live tweeting it whilst stoned was going to therefore be a real riot.

Here’s the full listing for your viewing pleasure:

Well that was quite a trip wasn’t it? Now I feel like:

  1. I kinda know what happened in ‘Cats’ and definitely don’t need to see it
  2. I definitely don’t want to see it
  3. ‘Cats’ is probably the weirdest movie of all time
  4. Seth Rogen should get stoned and do this every day during his self isolation period – it’s literally going to be the only source of entertainment in the coming weeks
  5. I should probably start smoking weed again

Happy self isolation!

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