Seth Rogen Is Making Some Retro PSAs About How To Safely Consume Marijuana

These are great.

I’m pretty sure we covered the fact that Seth Rogen had started his own signature marijuana brand called ‘Houseplant’ and that is already insanely popular, making it almost impossible to purchase anywhere but that hasn’t stopped Seth from promoting it even further with some funny retro PSAs about smoking weed in safe manner.

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Take a look at them below:

I mean that’s very stupid isn’t it, but it’s the kind of stuff that’s going to go viral and promote the brand because of that so it’s pretty much perfect. 10/10 for marketing from Rogan, but sadly it’s not going to work on my because I don’t smoke weed anymore and obviously it’s still illegal in the UK so he doesn’t ship over here anyway. Maybe one day though hey.

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