Seth Rogen Has Just Launched His Own Marijuana Brand Called Houseplant

Dreams can come true.

Seth Rogen is pretty much unanimously associated with smoking weed and getting high, so it really was only a matter of time now that weed is legal in certain parts of America that he set up his own marijuana brand.

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The company is called Houseplant (nicely) and Seth has apparently been working on it for the past five years with regular collaborator screenwriter Evan Goldberg, Here’s what Seth had to say about the launch:

We have been working on this quietly for years and seeing everything come together is a dream come true.

We could not be more passionate about this company and are dedicated to doing everything the right way.

It is extremely important to us to treat cannabis with the reverence it deserves. What a time!

Respect. The statement also revealed that Seth and Evan are the business leads on the project and that they’ve partnered with the Canadian marijuana company Canopy Growth Corp to help provide the expertise, facilities and infrastructure to mass produce cannabis.

Sounds like they’ve got everything down and to be honest I couldn’t be happier for the guy. Imagine being one of the biggest stoners of all time and then getting to start your own marijuana company, something that literally wouldn’t have been possible even five years ago. What a time to be alive.

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