Watch Seth Rogen Teach You How To Roll The Perfect Joint

Rolling With Rogen

An informative lesson for all you stoners out there.

Seth Rogen is obviously big into the weed smoking game and helping people out by teaching them some dope ass blazing techniques – remember when he taught us how to roll the perfect cross joint? – and he’s now back with a new web series called Rolling With Rogen where he seeks to tell you everything he knows about weed.

In this first episode, he teaches us all how to roll the perfect missionary joint. No fancy stuff, just the perfect joint that smokes well and is guaranteed to get you high.

Of course he’s rolling up the stupid American way without any tobacco in it, but the same principles apply when you’re doing it like that over here, so it’s still a pretty informative lesson:

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So if you didn’t know, now you know. That ripping the edge down is actually a really useful and easy way to start doing it. And remember, if at first you don’t succeed just keep on trying and you’ll eventually get there – it took me ages to perfect catching the edge, but now I can roll like a pro so everyone can get there eventually.

Here’s a list of all the celebrities Seth Rogen has ever got high with as well.


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