Serial Sperm Donor With 63 Kids Wants To Give Women The Chance To Win His Sperm



I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a sperm donor, but I do think it’s kind of weird when people make it their whole personality and brag about it online like this guy, who is now offering women the chance to win his sperm. What an opportunity!

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We’ve featured Kyle Gordy on the website a few times before as he talked about how he travelled the world donating his sperm to women who contact him on Instagram, and more recently when he revealed that his sex life was non existent and that masturbating was now a chore to him because he’s so inundated with requests for his sperm. Gordy has come up with a solution to his problems though, as he now wants to start a television show where he gives away even more of his sperm for free.

Confused? Me too, but hopefully his explanation will shed some light on what he’s trying to achieve here:

I’d be open to do a show where women have the opportunity to win my sperm if the situation was right.

It’d be difficult being able to only pick just one, but being more picking about who I help is a good thing.

I would be happy to have multiple children and be there for the mothers of my children as best as I can.

Just like Elon Musk, you’re able to have as many kids as you want, as long as you can properly care for them.

People do compare me to Nick Cannon, but in reality, I think he should be compared to me.

I’ll continue this for as long as women need me, but I’m not donating to every single person anymore.

I prefer travelling and that’s now my main hobby.

I think because I’ve masturbated so many times, it’s started to feel quite robotic and repetitive.

No, that still doesn’t really give me any clue about why he thinks that having a TV show will change his lifestyle or anything. It’s pretty much exactly the same as what he’s doing now but just on television?! That’s only going to benefit him by increasing his notoriety and probably making him way more money? Sure that’s a good idea for him, but it doesn’t seem to be solving the problems he’s describing or anything. Very weird flex.

The other part of this I’m struggling with is why he’s complaining about masturbating so much. I get that not every egg is gonna be fertilised when he donates sperm, but as he’s *only* managed to father 63 children surely he hasn’t been jerking off that much? Doesn’t add up to me. Guy is an idiot.

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