Serial Sperm Donor Reveals He Has No Sex Life – Despite Fathering 57 Children



I reckon there’s gotta be something wrong with a guy who describes himself as a serial sperm donor because sure, he acts like he’s doing all these women a favour but who really wants to have dozens of children from different mothers running around all over the world? Surely there’s something up there?

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Anyway, 31 year old Californian Kyle Gordy is that man, who not only presents himself as a selfless hero but also as somewhat of a martyr, revealing that he has no sex life of his own and no longer enjoys masturbation thanks to his dedication to his calling. Here’s what Kyle had to say about it all:

I think because I’ve masturbated so many times now, it’s started to feel quite robotic and repetitive.

I don’t have a sex life outside of donating, it’s completely non-existent, as one of the reasons I don’t go out and have sex is because I want to save it up and give the best possible chance of pregnancy.

I abstain until I donate, so I can build up my sperm count and release it upon donating for best success.

I also don’t want to risk having sex with random women and getting an STD, so there’s a lot of responsibility on my shoulders and I’m not going to take any chances.

Before, I used to date and have sex, but I chose to give this up to help other women and their families.

But, it’s all become so robotic now and I don’t have the need to do either in my own time.

I prefer travelling over donating, and that’s now my main hobby – but I’ll continue doing this for as long as women need me.

These days I’m asking more questions about their work, mental health, financial situation and parenting attitudes.

As long as the woman ticks the boxes and can care for the child without any issues, then I will happily help.

But I’m not donating to every single person now, as I want to make sure the child will be brought up correctly.

Well I guess we have to thank Kyle for sharing this with us as I’m sure all of us thought that he had a fabulous life where he just travelled around the world impregnating women all the time. Or maybe it’s slightly more likely none of us actually think about him at all before this article because none of us knew about him or cared about his exploits despite his desperate attempts to grow a social media following based around his ‘talents’? Probably the latter.

Anyway, Kyle is clearly a hero for sacrificing an active sex life so he can be the father of 57 children all over the world, with at least 14 more on the way as I’m writing this. Perfectly normal way for the guy to live his life and he should definitely be respected/honoured for his commitment to his craft. Give the guy the medal of honour already. Legend.

For more of the same, check out this sperm donor who has fathered over 150 kids. Kyle has got a long way to go.



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