Serial Killer Fan And Boyfriend Guilty Of Murdering Woman At ‘House Of Horrors’



A serial killer obsessive and his boyfriend have been found guilty of murdering a woman they met in a pub and took back home to their West Midlands flat, reports the Metro.

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Nathan Maynard-Ellis, 25, and his partner David Leesley, 30, murdered and dismembered Julie Rawson, 42, with CCTV showing Maynard-Ellis chatting to Ms Rawson at the Bottle And Cork pub before inviting her back to his flat in Dudley Port.

Here’s a clip of the police confronting Maynard-Ellis while out with his partner Leesley:

The murder was ‘the culmination of years of pent-up fantasy and desire’ for horror fan Maynard-Ellis, who along with Leesley, hacked the artist’s body into 11 parts and dumped them in two different locations near a canal, before burning her blood-stained clothes in a bid to cover their crime.

The murder took place at the men’s flat, a creepy man cave with horror movie paraphernalia all over the place, including a Chucky doll holding a knife and face-masks of characters from horror movies made by Maynard-Ellis himself.

Coventry Crown Court heard how Maynard-Ellis had told psychiatrists about his sexually violent fantasies and collected newspaper clippings and books about serial killers, and horror films featuring decapitation and necrophilia.

Both men were today found guilty of murder, concealment, destruction or disposal of a body and perverting the course of justice, following a four-week trial at Coventry Crown Court. Maynard-Ellis was also found guilty of four counts of rape, one of attempted rape, and threats to kill against another woman who came forward after his arrest.

Crown counsel Karim Khalil QC told the court:

The prosecution case can be stated quite shortly – for many years Maynard-Ellis has harboured dark thoughts that have focused mainly on the sexual assault of women and their violent killing.

He has shown a particular interest in certain themes involving serial killers and the dismemberment of bodies.

We accept that his part in these horrific acts were the actions of a man with a disturbed mind, but they were not, we say, carried out in a state of heightened psychiatric panic.

He knew what he wanted to do and he intended to do exactly what he did – it was the culmination of years of pent-up fantasy and desire.

Ms Rawson had met Maynard-Ellis by chance at the Bottle And Cork pub in Dudley on May 11, 2019, after she took the wrong bus home after a night out with a female friend.

CCTV shows the pair began talking shortly before 11pm and later got a taxi back to Maynard-Ellis’ home at around 2am. Prosecuting, Karim Khalil QC told the trial:

Furthermore, Julia could not have known that she was about to enter a “flat of horrors” – but she must have realised this very soon after she went in.

One can only imagine the sense of panic that it might have created in her.

Ms Rawson was hit over the back of the head four times with a rolling pin before Maynard-Ellis and Leesley dismembered her in the bath using saws. Maynard-Ellis claimed he attacked the victim after she made ‘moves’ towards him. Yeah, right.

Ms Rawson’s family reported her missing and police launched a huge search which lasted for 47 days before her body parts were finally discovered.

Maynard-Ellis and Leesley were finally caught on May 22 when a member of the public alerted police following a CCTV appeal. They now await sentencing following their convictions.

Speaking after the verdicts, Detective Inspector Colclough said:

Julia’s family is really close-knit and really very private. It’s clear Julia was a very talented artist, she was a good musician.

She was a loving daughter and a loving sister. They are absolutely devastated by the whole trail of events that has taken place.

I hope the result from court provides some form of closure at the very least for the family so that they can move on and carry their grief forward.

It’s been a terrible time and my heart really does go out to them.

Man that’s heartbreaking. Especially when you consider it was a total ‘wrong time, wrong place’ moment from Julia who took the wrong bus home and ended up in this pub where Maynard-Ellis happened to be. Thoughts & prayers with the family and let’s hope these two sick fucks are put away for a very, very long time.

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