A Video Has Emerged Of That Guy Getting A Selfie With The Egyptian Plane Hijacker

Hijack Selfie

How to get a selfie with hijacker.

The Internet has been going absolutely crazy the past couple of days over the fact that a guy called Ben Innes actually had the gall to take a selfie with the stupid Egypt plane hijacker who really didn’t have a clue what he was doing. This is of course ignoring the fact that somebody else took the photograph, which obviously means that it isn’t a fucking selfie in the first place.

A video has now emerged of the incident courtesy of a Dutch talk show and it’s about as dumb a situation as you can imagine – it seems like the kind of thing that might appear in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm or something.

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It begins with the flight attendant asking Ben to come to the back of the plane if he wants a photo, to find the hijacker sitting down looking fairly despondent. The flight attendant then gets him up, gets him into position with Ben and then they take two photographs, one with Ben pointing at the hijacker that has yet to be seen by the public.

The rest of the aircraft can be heard laughing. It’s basically the complete opposite of what you would expect a hijack situation to look like:

So stupid. Like I said, it’s exactly like something out of some oddball comedy show, only it happened in real life. Maybe Ben Innes will get to start his own comedy series where he takes selfies (or whatever he likes to call selfies) with people at inappropriate times because of it – we can but hope.

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