Here Are 7 Selfies That Were Taken Moments Before Death



In recent times the world’s obsession with the selfie has peaked so hard that it doesn’t look like it could ever come down if it wanted to – there’s even a TV show called Selfie now and you can buy a selfie toaster – but this photo set might make you think twice before trying to get that perfect selfie again.

That’s because all the selfies taken in this set were taken moments before the death of the taker. Not all of them died due to the direct impact of taking a selfie sure, but the majority of them did and hopefully this will highlight that achieving the perfect selfie isn’t necessarily worth your life. I doubt any of these guys are buzzing off the number of Facebook or Instagram likes that these photos have achieved after all.

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The picture you can see above in the featured image is from June 2014. These two friends named Collette Moreno and Ashley Theobald took this selfie whilst they were travelling together to a bachelorette party. Moments after it was uploaded they were ploughed into by another car in a head on collision, Collette didn’t survive.

Jenni Rivera Selfie

In December 2012, Jenni Rivera – a Mexican pop star – took this selfie with her entourage on her private jet just before take off. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the private jet crashed and there were no survivors.

Selfie Before Death 5

Courtney Sanford uploaded this picture of her listening to Happy on April 26th 2014 whilst she was driving through North Carolina. This unfortunately meant that she wasn’t paying attention to the road and drove straight into a truck moments later. She didn’t survive.

Selfie Before Dying 4

This is Gary Zwok and his mother who uploaded this selfie of themselves on Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 last year just before takeoff. We all know what happened there.

Selfie Before Death 2

This is 21 year old Oscar Otero Aguila who is a genuine idiot. He was a gun enthusiast from Mexico who shot himself in the head by accident when he was posing with a gun.

Selfies Before Death 2

This is 17 year old Russian girl Xenia Ignatyeva who enjoyed climbing up really high bridges and ledges to get selfies for her Facebook page. Unfortunately for her, shortly after taking this picture she lost her balance and fell thirty feet to her death. Be careful.

Jadiel Selfie

This is famous Mexican reggaetón musician Jadiel who thought it would be a good idea to upload a selfie whilst he was riding his motorcycle. It wasn’t that good an idea because he lost control of the vehicle shortly afterwards and ended up dead. Don’t drive and selfie kids.



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