A Second ‘Racier’ Version Of The Cruel Intentions TV Show Is Being Developed

Cruel Intentions

Every me and every you.

A while ago, we brought you news that Cruel Intentions was being developed into a TV show for NBC and that Sarah Michelle Gellar would be returning in her role as duplicitous sex kitten Kathryn Merteuil.

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Unfortunately, despite the fact that the series was set to revolve around the 15 year old son of Ryan Philippe and Reese Witherspoon’s character in the movie discovering his father’s old journal and plunging headfirst into a world of ‘sex, money, power and corruption’, the show didn’t get picked up for a series after its pilot bombed. Maybe it had something to do with the son’s name being Bash Casey. What kind of a name is that, really?

Anyway, despite this it turns out that NBC haven’t directly given up on the show and are looking to develop and even more sexed up version of it in the near future. Here’s what NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke had to say about it:

We haven’t given up on the Cruel Intentions TV show.

I think there would be two versions of the show.

If it ends up on some alternative platform, we would have more leeway, but it is designed to be dishy and fun and push the envelope as far as sexuality.

It’s not something we’re inviting kids in to watch.

Well I suppose that goes back to the old saying – ‘if something doesn’t work the first time, then just make it dirtier the second time’. At least I think that’s a saying.

In any case, chances of this series actually being any good when the lead character is named Bash Casey are slim to none of course, but I would probably tune in for the first couple of episodes just on the off chance I might be able to relive my early teens by watching Sarah Michelle Gellar make out with a girl again. Never forget (watch above).

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