Seagull Attacks Woman And Steals Gregg’s Chicken Bake

Chicken Bakes

Can’t blame it.

There have definitely been some times in my life when I would contemplate killing someone in order to get a Gregg’s chicken bake, but I’ve never actually followed through on any of these intentions – unlike the seagull that forms the basis of this story.

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23 year old Laura Gibson was looking forward to eating her chicken bake for her lunch in Dundee when she was attacked by the seagull. She claims it dive-bombed into her, knocked her over, then pinched the bake out of the wrapper before hightailing if off:


I had just moved into a new office in the city centre. I’d really been looking forward to a chicken bake, so I went to get myself one.

As I was walking out the Overgate this gull dive-bombed me and hit me with its neck and feet, knocking me back.

It managed to take the bake out of its wrapper then flew off with it. It would have been quite impressive in a way — if it hadn’t been so scary.

I was so embarrassed. People were laughing at me because I fell back and because the gull stole my food.

But in all seriousness, there are a lot of gulls out there and they’re very dangerous.

The last laugh was on the gull though – I had another chicken bake in my handbag.

That’s quite sick that she had another bake in her handbag, I’m not really sure if she had the last laugh though as it sounds like she’s pretty shook up from the encounter.

Can’t really say I blame her either – the fact that there’s a potential army of killer seagulls out there training up to ruthlessly attack people and steal their chicken bakes is a pretty scary concept. Not visiting Dundee any time soon.

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