Someone Has Created A Greggs Pasty Pizza

Gregg's Pasty Pizza

It’s essentially a sausage and bean melt on a pizza.

Everyone enjoys a Greggs pasty every now and again – it’s cheap, hot, tasty and you know exactly what you’re going to get – but I don’t think too many people have ever been tucking into their chicken bake and wishing secretly that it was mounted on a pizza instead.

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Apparently though, someone out there did think that this was a valid option and has decided to create a Greggs pasty pizza. It’s available at Crazy Pedro’s Pizza in Manchester and is essentially a sausage and bean melt on a pizza.

So that’s right, you get sausage rolls, beans and mozzarella with a topping of brown sauce on it. Take a look:

Greggs Pizza

Interesting. No doubt this would probably be good at the end of the night when you’re completely wasted or when you wake up the next day and are still kinda hanging, but I don’t think I can see myself stomaching it at any other point in my life.

I’m sure it will be a popular choice for people up in Manchester though, it’s just the kind of thing you’ve gotta try once isn’t it? For some more incredible Greggs news, click here.


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