Scumbag Australian Woman Filmed On Train Being A Complete Racist Dickhead To School Children

Scumbag Racist Australian Woman

This woman pretty much defines the word cunt.

A guy called Kareem Abdul explains how this video came about, and how this woman is basically a complete scum bag. Absolutely no excuse for her to be acting like this.

On the Central coast and Newcastle line in peak hour during school holidays. I started filming as the woman became aggressive toward some children (ages 12 and under) who refused to vacate their seats when she had demanded. This video begins just after she had started screaming expletives into the face of the upset kids and the mother of the children got up to stand in between the lady and her kids. The lady then assaulted the mother and a young dude who gave up his seat for her and now the lady is calling the police…. Because the kids didn’t move?

As you can probably guess from the description, the actions of the woman don’t really make any sense and she’s an attention seeking idiot. At least we know that it’s not just the Australian politicians who are racist now and that it has spread to the rest of the country too.



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