Scorned Girlfriend Paints Insult On Cheating Boyfriend’s Wall And Instagrams Him Sleeping Under It

Standard 2014 revenge.

Seems like we can’t go a week without someone finding out their partner is cheating on them and then taking to social media to completely obliterate them (like this life-destroying Facebook status, for example).

This time we have a young lady named Zoe Wheeler who discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her and so painted a massage on his wall as he peacefully slept underneath and then Instagrammed it for the world to see:

A photo posted by Zoe Wheeler (@zoewheeler) on


Naturally, Zoe is getting bigged up left, right and centre:

You go, gurl!

Obviously, this can happen the other way around too, and in other cases what gets uploaded to Facebook can be a lot more incriminating.


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