Scientists Have Revealed That Uranus Smells Like Farts

No surprises there.

I think that the jokes about Uranus have been around almost as long as the planet itself, but it seems like even scientists are trying to find ways to make it even funnier following their latest announcement.

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A study of the planet was recently published in Nature Astronomy where lead author Patrick Irwin reveals that the clouds of the planet were made up of hydrogen sulphide, which is the element responsible for the stinkiness of your farts and eggs or whatever. Irwin said the following about what it would smell like on the planet:

If [a person] could survive the fall down to Uranus, they’d smell a horrible smell of rotten eggs.

I’m not sure anyone’s really looked to see what the human nose would do in a hydrogen-helium atmosphere with a bit of hydrogen sulphide, but I imagine that you would still smell this pungent aroma.

So there you have it – all those years of saying dumb jokes about Uranus and farts and stinking have finally been indicated. Have to commend Patrick Irwin for his years of research and dedication to the cause to come to this conclusion – great work buddy.

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