Scientists Are Demanding Bosses To Let Their Employees Take Mid-Work Naps

Nap at work

Catching some z’s in the office.

How many times have you just wished that you could lie down and take a nap at work, but know that you would never be allowed to get away with it in a million years?

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Probably almost every single day right? Luckily we might be getting closer to it becoming a reality in the future if bosses start listening to new research from scientists, which has found that having an afternoon nap actually increases productivity. In particular, scientists are recommending that bosses encourage their employees to take a one hour nap each day this week to deal with losing one hour of sleep over the weekend when the clocks went forward.

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan said the following:

Fatigue businessman

The loss of an hour in bed is particularly detrimental to individuals that already struggle with their sleep.

If you are one of the 25 per cent of the nation that gets less than five hours’ sleep a night, this time change could see you drop down to as little as four hours, which is a dangerously low amount.

Bosses should consider allowing staff to take a short nap in the office. It can make a huge difference.

Just a twenty minute power nap can make a huge difference. Naps have been scientifically proven to boost creativity and problem-solving ability, and they can even rebalance the immune system, meaning staff are less likely to take sick days.

Company nap-time would definitely work in the boss’ favour in the long run.

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I’m sure that there won’t be too many people arguing against the idea of napping whilst you’re at work – except for the bosses of course – but when science is backing it up and vouching for it, you’ve really got to take notice. I’m fairly certain that companies like Google and Facebook encourage napping too, and you’ve got to think that there’s a reason why they’re so successful. Maybe it’s because of napping and we should all employ it? Definitely got my backing.

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