There’s Now A Hammock That Lets You Comfortably Nap Underneath Your Desk

Table Hammocks

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It’s long been said that taking a nap in the middle of the day improves your productivity, but very few workspaces and employers accommodate for this. Sure, a few Silicon Valley startups like Uber and Google have pods for sleeping and napping, but very few other even encourage this practice and even if they do, the best you can get is lying your head down on your desk and hoping you can doze off, which is shit.

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Thankfully though, one Canadian design student has seen how much of a problem this can be and sought to eradicate it by designing a hammock that enables you to take a nap underneath your desk. 19 year old OCAD (Ontario College Of Art And Design) student Aqil Raharjo has designed what he’s calling the Schnap, which allows its users to take a quick powernap with no disturbances in the middle of the working day.

It hangs form two c-clamps placed either end of a table along with a table protector so you can whack it up pretty much anywhere without worrying about the consequences.  Here’s what Raharjo had to say about it:

Schnap 2

The idea came up while observing a friend of mine in environmental design who seemed really exhausted and told me that she didn’t sleep for two days because she stayed overnight at school.

It was really comfortable and I’ve even managed to have a four hour nap in one so far. It was pretty quiet and calming and a perfect place to sleep, most likely because it’s located under the table.

Yeah, a four hour nap in the middle of the working day sounds pretty much perfect to me. Just gotta convince my boss it’s worth it. And unfortunately wait for Raharjo to get his act together and make these available online as at the moment they’re still in the development and research phase. I suppose you can give him a break about that though as he’s a 19 year old student who spends a lot of him time napping for four hours instead of going to class.

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