Scientists Have Just Discovered A ‘Second Earth’ That’s Perfectly Set Up For Humans To Inhabit

Second earth

This could be our future home.

Looks like we could be close to finding life outside of our spherical rock we call Earth. Scientists have just found a new rocky planet that could possibly have aliens on it, and it’s close enough for use to travel to.

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The new planet, which scientists are calling a ‘second earth’, is situated around four light years away and it supposedly almost perfectly set up to serve as a home for alien life.

Although there is no evidence yet of another life form living on this planet, known as Proxima b, they reckon that it is close enough to reach it and could eventually be a new home for people who wish to travel outside of earth. For the time being though, the group who led the research are going to explore the planet further to try and find new life.

Second earth

Dr Guillem Anglada-Escude, from Queen Mary University of London, who led an international team of about 30 astronomers, said:

Succeeding in the search for the nearest terrestrial planet beyond the solar system has been an experience of a lifetime, and has drawn on the dedication and passion of a number of international researchers.

We hope these findings inspire future generations to keep looking beyond the stars. The search for life on Proxima b comes next.

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It’s going to be interesting to see what these guys come up with next. I wonder what would happen to the world if we found other life forms similar to us? Would that mean the end of religion? Probably not, but it definitely would put the entire context of our lives into question.

If they do find aliens, I’m hoping that they’ll be peaceful super chill unlike half the cunts who live on this planet. If not, we could always get Tom Delonge from ‘Blink 182’ to sort it out. After all, he’s pretty tight with them.


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