Scientists Discover You Were Literally Born To Love Or Hate Marmite

It’s in your genes.

Marmite is one of the most divisive spreads out there, as even the company themselves recognises that you’ll either love it or hate it and uses that as its tagline.

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And it turns out that they’re not wrong. In perhaps one of the most useless studies of all time, Marmite commissioned scientists to embark on a year long research project involving 261 men and women. They discovered that your feelings towards Marmite are literally in your genes and you’re born with a predisposition towards it one way or the other dependent on 15 different genes in your body.

Here’s what lead researcher Thomas Roos had to say about the results of the project:

Finally, we have the answers.

Each of us is born with a tendency to be either a lover or a hater.

Our data reveals that there are multiple genes that contribute towards this.

DNA Swab

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Great news. Ever the company to capitalise on such news, Marmite are now offering the chance to purchase DNA swabs (see above)  that can be analysed to determine if you’re a lover or a hater, for the low price of £89.99.

I’m not sure if they actually think that anyone is going to spend that much money on discovering this useless information, but fair play for trying I suppose. There are probably going to be a few idiots out there and it might offset 1% of the cost of this useless study or something around there. Good idea.

For more Marmite, check out what Charlie Brooker had to say about it in Black Mirror. Uncanny.


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