School Teacher Banned From Classroom After Headteacher’s Fury Of This ‘Inappropriate’ Outfit


Kinky boots.

A female teacher over in the US was allegedly banned from wearing her outfit in class again because it was deemed ‘inappropriate’ by the headteacher. And people can’t figure out why.

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A photo of the woman with her face blacked out was posted on Facebook over the weekend and has since gone viral with people questioning why this woman’s outfit was banned. The caption said:

Is this outfit appropriate for a 4th grade teacher? She was told not to wear it to school again.


Many said there’s nothing wrong with the choice of clothes, with one woman writing:

It’s probably the other frumpy teachers that were complaining because they are jealous. She looks great!!!! It’s not fair for the ones that actual take care of themselves to get punished.

Meanwhile others suggested that the problem might’ve been with the boots, but people were quick to counter-argue with comments like:

This is ridiculous that anyone thinks her shoes defines her outfit in a professional setting. They are healed shoes, not sandals, not open toe, not clown shoes, and she is teaching 4th grade. Not overly-hormonal high school boys.

Even if she were teaching older kids, I don’t really see what’s wrong with the outfit and it’s clear that many people agree. There’s no news on whether the school have taken back their decision, but with the Facebook post receiving more than 1,200 comments so far, something tells me that this teacher is going to receive an apology in the days to come.

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