These 12-Year-Old Knife-Wielding ‘Schooligans’ Are Training To Become Britain’s Next Football Thugs

School Boy Hooligans

Euro 2028 – here we come.

If you were concerned with the piss-poor efforts of British football hooligans recently – what with the ass-kickings we’ve witnessed at the Euros this Summer – then fear not; there’s a whole new generation of wannabe football thugs being bred for future bloodshed.

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They’re only about 12 now but I’m sure you’ll agree they look really scary:


kid hooligan2

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Despite their ages, some of these children have already been issued Football Banning Orders – more than 100 of them have been given out in the UK since 2013 in fact.

kid hooligan 4

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The kids also stick fake labels for fashion brands such as Burberry, Lacoste, and Stone Island on their clothes and school uniforms – connecting themselves with the “Casuals” subculture of designer clothing sporting hooligans as demonstrated in films such as The Firm and Football Factory:

kid hooligan 6'

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Amanda Jacks, a case worker with the Football Supporters’ Federation, says:

There’s no doubt that there is a glamorisation of football disorder and kids are attracted to it for the wrong reason.

There does need to be some consistency – if 14, 15, 16-year-olds are getting banning orders, that should be the last resort, not the first.

I guess that’s what’s missing from the school curriculum these days – teaching impressionable youngsters how to be sensible and thoughtful human beings who don’t aspire to become full-time football thugs when they’re older.

Although if you are that way inclined, you could get some practice in at the Britain First training camps, now that we’ve seen the type of shit that goes on there.


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