Schoolgirl Tries To Take On Dude; Gets Absolutely Obliterated By One Brutal Punch

Girl Fights GUy

Be ready to face the consequences.

There are so many videos out there these days of girls trying to fight guys and getting their asses absolutely handed to them, that I wonder why a lot of girls out there think they’re Ronda Rousey circa 2015 and keep picking fights with guys. I’m sure there are some badasses out there, but judging from videos like this, that certainly doesn’t apply to everyone.

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I have absolutely no context for this one, but it seems like the girl has been egging on the dude to fight her and he finally cracks and gives her what she wants. Cue an absolutely brutal knockout:

Ouch. In fairness to the girl she doesn’t start crying or whining and takes it good and proper – although we don’t see that much of the aftermath – so at least it seems like she has some experience in fighting. Maybe she’ll develop into a good fighter one day, who knows?

Absolute sass at the end from the guy though: “let me get my shit I gotta go back to class”. What an absolute diss – probably not what you wanna hear when you just got KOed in about three seconds.

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