Girl Tries To Knockout Guy On School Bus; Gets The Absolute Shit Kicked Out Of Her

Girl Punches Boy On Bus, Gets Battered


Back in the day, it was pretty much never acceptable to raise your fists towards a girl. It just wasn’t something that was cool and was generally frowned upon massively by society.

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Things may have  changed slightly now though, especially due to the fact that people can now easily film girls being dickheads so that we know that sometimes they were the ones that started the violence in the first place and the guy might have no choice but to react. This is one of those videos.

It takes place on a school bus in America where a ‘cool’ looking girl hits a black kid in the head with an absolutely savage shot. Instead of taking it and not doing anything, the kid immediately reacts, standing up and totally pummelling the girl. Ouch.

Yeah that’s a smackdown. The kid overreacted I suppose, but I guess we can debate until the end of time about what the correct response to that girl whacking you in the head like that is. I don’t blame the kid for fighting back though. You can’t take that kind of shit lying down.

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