VIDEO: Scary Clown Explodes Dummy’s Head With A Sledgehammer In Terrifying Prank

Killer Clown Mallet Prank

There is absolutely no way you would ever want to run into this killer clown under any circumstances.

We love a good prank here on Sick Chirpse and some of the best are when you absolutely scare the shit out of someone who has absolutely no idea what’s going on. This is one of those times.

I don’t really have the background for the prank or am really sure if any is necessary, but some guy basically dressed up as a super creepy killer clown and then does a variety of things to unsuspecting victims, like bash someone (a dummy)’s head in with a massive mallet in front of them or pour petrol all over a petrol station or smash more people’s heads in with giant mallets. Truly terrifying and you can see this in the reaction of the victims who look like they’ve well and truly shit their pants.

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