There’s A Scarily Realistic Royal Mail Text Messaging Scam Going Around And People Are Losing All Their Money

Be careful.

Internet and text message scammers have to be some of the absolute worst people out there, targeting vulnerable people and then proceeding to empty their accounts of their hard earned cash, so it’s with a mixture of sadness and as a warning that we bring you news of the latest one.

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The following story from Twitter user Emmeline Hartley went viral yesterday after she fell for the scam and ended up transferring her entire life savings over to the scammers. She goes into great detail below about what happened, but what made the whole story way worse for me was the fact that she literally told the guy on the other end of the phone how grateful she was that he had managed to save her money from the scammers – he was posing as her bank at this time – and the guy still went through with it and took everything that she owned. That tells you that we’re dealing with proper bastards here.

Anyway, take a read of it below and make sure you take it all in as you don’t want to be fooling for this trick either:

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Yeah, I can’t actually believe that there are people out there who are so heartless that they literally take advantage of people all day every day via this method, but I guess that’s just slightly naive of me isn’t it? Hope these assholes get caught and shut down but I just don’t know how anyone would even go about catching them to be honest. Just don’t fool for it and hopefully they’ll die out I guess. Not that optimistic though.

For more of the same, check out this student who tricked an internet scammer into giving him money. Well played.


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