How To Scare A Plumber Prank Goes Seriously Wrong, Plumber Goes NUTS On Pranksters

The plumber didn’t find this prank funny in the slightest.

Everyone knows that the best YouTube pranks are the ones that go disastrously wrong, for instance when the prankster gets KO’d before he has time to let the victim know it’s a prank, or when the victim doesn’t care that it’s a prank at all.

This one falls into the latter category, with the guys and girls at Trollstation setting up a plumber for the shock of his life, but taking it a tad too far apparently:

Suppose it’s a better result having the guy bash you a few times than having to rush him to hospital with a heart attack and wind up having your entire prank operation shut down.

Some might argue that should be the case after these same guys took a honey trap prank WAY too far the other month.


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