This Kid Going Around London Aiming His Nerf Gun At Police And Filming It Is Asking To Get Killed

America’s laughing at us right now.

Got a great idea for Trollstation in case they want to do a part 2 of this video — go and do the exact same thing, only this time in America. Same kid, same clothing, same gun, maybe leave it to a little later in the night time, and become the first YouTube prankster to catch his own brutal death on camera. Boom – YouTube views through the roof:

Seriously though, what are you meant to do if you’re one of those police officers? Proper damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. You have to think the cops over in America are watching this and cracking up at us right now though.

Still, only a matter of time before this kid gets his nose busted the way this prankster did.


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