SAS Sniper Kills Three ISIS Bombers From One Kilometre Away Through Ten Inch Wall


Deadly accuracy.

These stories seem to pop up every now and again and they’re never not awesome – mainly because they involve highly skilled Gs taking out complete and utter pricks.

This time we’re over in a Ramadi in Iraq, where an SAS sniper saved at least 20 lives with his deadly accuracy and nerves of steel. He was the only one who could complete the mission as an air strike was ruled out due to fears over civilian casualties. I guess that makes a change.

Here’s what a military source had to say about the assault:

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The command post was well fortified. They considered an air strike but that would cause too much collateral damage.

They looked at a rocket attack but there was the possibility that the blast might cause the building to collapse and intelligence suggested there were civilians being held in the lower storey and in buildings close by.

A staff sergeant in charge of one of the SAS teams working with the Iraqis came up with the idea of shooting through the wall.

It was a case of “there’s nothing to lose”.

Sniper 2

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The sniper used a semiautomatic Barrett Light .50 calibre rifle.

The building was stormed soon afterwards.

The bodies of the Islamic State fighters had been absolutely pulverised.

One had been decapitated and another had been cut in half.

It was a real scene of carnage.

Boom – absolutely no mercy. I suppose that’s what ISIS fighters would be showing us as well so that’s the way it has to be. Dickheads are getting what they deserve anyway.

You’ve got to love these awesome stories about SAS snipers taking out ISIS pricks though haven’t you? Check out this one when a sniper killed five bombers with three bullets from a month or so ago if you missed it.


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