SAS Sniper Takes Out Five ISIS Jihadists En Route To Suicide Mission With Three Bullets


Like something out of an action movie.

An SAS sniper earned his pay cheque – and saved his employers a few quid too – when he managed to take out five jihadists with three bullets.

How did he manage that? By aiming at one of their suicide vests of course and blowing everyone around up after he nailed it. Smooth.

The soldier took aim after the five men exited a bomb factory 10km outside the ISIS-held city of Mosul. At least two of them were wearing suicide vests and they were apparently on their way to kill a bunch of innocent people. The other three flanked the two main guys to try and protect them from any threats.

Unfortunately they weren’t reckoning with an SAS sniper though. He popped the first one in the chest – immediately setting off his suicide vest and blowing up the two standing closest to him – nailed the second one in the head, and got the second one in the chest too, setting his vest off as well just in case he hadn’t already unleashed enough punishment on them.

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British army sniper in Helmand

An army source had the following comment on the operation:

We had intelligence a bomb factory was operating but it was unsuitable for air strikes because it was close to civilian homes.

The operation was a complete success as with just three shots we probably saved the lives of hundreds of people.

It’s nice to hear about us bringing the fight to ISIS without harming innocent people, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s not as cool a story though as when this British fighter killed six Taliban fighters with one bullet.


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