Sarah Everard Suspect Flashed Woman In Takeaway Three Days Before Her Disappearance

The story gets even more sinister.

The Sarah Everard murder because creepier and creepier with every new tidbit of information we hear about it and the latest bombshell is that PC Wayne Couzens – the man accused of her kidnapping and subsequent killing – flashed a woman in a takeaway just three days before she disappeared.

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We had already heard that he had been arrested on a count of indecent exposure in addition to the charges he was facing regarding Sarah Everard, but today is the first time that details of this have been released. Here’s what The Daily Mail – who broke the story – said about what Couzens had been doing:

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Wayne Couzens, 48, was arrested late on Tuesday on suspicion of the kidnap and murder of marketing executive Miss Everard, 33, and indecently exposing himself to woman working at a south London takeaway restaurant.

Metropolitan Police tonight confirmed an investigation has been launched into whether officers responded ‘appropriately’ to the indecent exposure report, which was received by Scotland Yard on February 28 – three days before Sarah vanished while walking home in Clapham.

Sources told The Daily Mail the allegation may not have reached ‘command level,’ so colleagues were unlikely to be aware of it, meaning he was able to continue working as an armed officer right up until his arrest.

Sources said the officer had been behaving erratically and had spent a considerable period of time off sick for an unknown issue.

That doesn’t really paint the whole picture does it, but it kinda sounds like Couzens was having a mental breakdown or something. Not that this excuses his absolutely horrific behaviour, but for those of us who were expecting a serial killer who had been getting away with it for years, the truth might be very different. RIP Sarah Everard.

For more of the same, Couzens was also found unconscious in his cell last night. What is going on?


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