Sam Smith Says They Love Poppers And Took Them With Nicole Scherzinger

Living his best life.

Celebrities have been keeping us entertained with live streams and dumb stories during this time in lockdown and the latest to pop up with some stupid anecdote is Sam Smith, who has revealed that they love doing poppers.

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Smith was appearing on Sirius FM int he US on the Andy Cohen show, when  Cohen decided to ask him about some alleged photographs of him doing poppers at a Soho night-club over Christmas with Nicole Scherzinger. Here’s Smith’s response:

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I feel bad.

I can completely confirm I love poppers.

I love poppers.

I’ve been ashamed to say that, but I have so much fun when I do poppers.

I think Nicole has definitely gone out to a fair amount of gay bars in her life. We’ve been out a few times in London.

But yeah, we were just out that one time.

I honestly didn’t think anyone could see us.

Yeah, we just got a bit rowdy and, yeah, it was fabulous.

I’m not trying to endorse it ’cause I know they’re not good for you.

I mean, booze isn’t good for you as well, right?

I mean it sounds like a good time doesn’t it? Not really sure why he got so much shit in the first place for doing poppers because it’s hardly as bad as getting papped doing illegal drugs is it?

Pretty much everyone has sniffed some poppers at some point in their lives so it’s not like something that nobody has ever done either is it? Chill out and have a good time next time Sam, it’s OK with us.

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