Sam Smith Trolled For Modelling Menswear After Coming Out As ‘Non-Binary’


Maybe one day we’ll live in a world where clothing is non-gendered, but for now it might seem an odd choice that Sam Smith was chosen to model ‘Mans Concept Menswear’ in Madrid after coming out as non-binary.

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Here’s the Tweet he put up:

As you might expect, a whole bunch of people started roasting and trolling the pop star, starting with two spirit penguin Piers Morgan:

Others were quick to stand up for Sam Smith:

I see the point that his supporters are making – you don’t become a man or woman just by wearing clothing designed for men/women and those who identity outside of the binary have to wear something after all.

At the same time though, this line is literally called ‘Mans Concept Menswear’ so it does seem a bit hypocritical and confusing for a major star who recently came out as non binary to model it. Of course it doesn’t look much like typical menswear at all – looks like the opposite in fact – so that makes it even more weird. Is the plan to eradicate the concept of men/women altogether? Because that would be lame IMO.

Did you know they’re planning to cancel the male and female categories at the Brit Awards, starting in 2021? Yup.


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