The Salaries Of The Top Ten Highest Paid DJs In 2017 Will Make You Angry


Obscene amounts of cash.

Making a living from being a DJ is a tough break and most of the time you have to accept your fate as a wedding disc jockey or give it up to go and live in the real world.

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However, as is the case with most musical platforms, there are a select few lucky people who make it big in the industry and when they do, they absolutely rake it in. Forbes have just released their list of the world’s highest paying DJs and honestly, the amount these guys are making is absolutely criminal. Get ready to be annoyed:

Calvin Harris

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  1. Calvin Harris ($48,500,000)
  2. Tiesto ($39,000,000)
  3. The Chainsmokers ($38,000,000)
  4. Skrillex ($30,000,000)
  5. Steve Aoki ($29,500,000)
  6. Diplo ($28,500,000)
  7. David Guetta ($25,000,000)
  8. Marshmello ($21,000,000)
  9. Martin Garrix ($19,500,000)
  10. Zedd ($19,000,000)

Yes that’s right. Marshmello made $21 million last year simply by dressing up like a marshmallow and playing crappy EDM music to huge crowds. Clearly the EDM phenomenon is not finishing anytime soon… damn.

You might as well get your cat one of these turntables and start touring the country together playing EDM tunes. Those crowds love a gimmick – you’d probably be on the Forbes list in no time at all.


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