Salad Fingers Has Returned With His Creepiest Video Yet

Salad FingersSalad Fingers

He’s back.

Back in the day when the internet first came out – I know we really are going back a bit here – Salad Fingers was somewhat of an institution in that it was something you would show all your friends when they came round to your house and it would be really weird, creepy and gross. That is if you could get the damn thing to load on your shitty dial up connection.

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Anyway, it’s been a while since any new Salad Fingers material has been released, but the main man has returned with a short new movie to celebrate hitting one million subscribers on YouTube. There isn’t really much point in trying to explain these things so you might as well just tune in and let yourself know what’s up:

Well it’s good to know that Salad Fingers hasn’t got any less weird since the last time I went down the rabbit hole with him some years ago. Not really got any idea what was going on in that video, but when have you ever had a clue what was supposed to be going on with Salad Fingers? Exactly.

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