Unreal Moment An RV Flies Off Ramp And Lands On Ferry, Killing The Driver (VIDEO)

Stuck the landing.

An RV driven by a 40-year-old man from Quebec was completely obliterated after it flew off the boat ramp and crash landed onto the ferry. 

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Éric Belec must have seen the ferry sailing off and sped onto the terminal ramp, landing on the departing ship’s deck as passengers scrambled to safety. 

Thankfully he didn’t hurt or kill anyone on landing, but unfortunately Belec himself died later in hospital after being pulled from the vehicle. A female passenger survived but is in critical condition. 

Watch below:

In fairness, he absolutely stuck the landing there. Most people would have seen the ferry had departed already, had a little meltdown in their car and then booked a ticket on the next one. Éric Belec technically made his trip, but unfortunately the result was a disaster far bigger than missing your ferry ride. 

The most amazing part though is that nobody else was injured or killed. That one lady was literally seconds away from getting crushed to death under the weight of that RV. We can all be thankful for that much. 

Thought and prayers with the Belec family regardless, and let’s hope the passenger pulls through. If Éric had survived, this would be have been one of the all time greatest dad stories ever. Now it’s just a horrific tragedy but remember it could have been much, much worse. RIP Éric.

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