Aftermath Of Man Being Sucked Into Jet Plane Engine (NSFW)

Boeing 737 Engine

Back in 2006, an engineer at El Paso Airport in Texas got sucked into a Boeing 737 engine as it was waiting to take off. The results aren’t pretty.

Back in 2006, a mechanic standing next to a Boeing 737 at El Paso Airport in Texas was sucked into the engine of it and killed, it has been confirmed.

Roland Herwig, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Authority stated that ‘Continental Airlines Flight 1515 was preparing to take off for Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston when a maintenance-related engine run-up of the right-hand engine was carried out and someone on the ground was sucked into the engine.’ He also confirmed that this wasn’t the first time that something like this had happened, although it didn’t happen very often, which isn’t exactly that reassuring.

There were 114 passengers on the plane at the time and five crew members. I hope they managed to clean up all this mess before they got them to disembark (or deplane as they say in America) because I think I would be fairly traumatised if my flight got cancelled and I had to walk through see all this in the flesh. I mean it’s pretty traumatising just seeing it anyway and knowing that stuff like this happens in airports that are supposed to be safe and state of the art and developed, even if it doesn’t happen very often.

Man Sucked into Jetplane 1

Man Sucked Into Jetplane 2

Man Sucked Into Jetplane 3

Man Sucked Into Jetplane 4

Man Sucked Into Jetplane 5

Man Sucked Into Jetplane 6

Man Sucked Into Jetplane 7

Man Sucked Into Jetplane 8

Man Sucked Into Jetplane 9

Man Sucked Into Jetplane 10

Man Sucked Into Jetplane 11

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