Russia’s Answer To The Avengers Looks Absolutely Bonkers

Guardians Bear

There’s a giant bear wielding a Gatling gun.

The Avengers is the biggest movie franchises in history so it makes sense that Russia would try to imitate it, and of course with it being Russia it’s going to end up being completely and utterly mental.

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The movie is called Guardians and it’s slated to come out next February and the plot is pretty much what you would expect from this kind of fare. A bunch of Russian experiments during the Cold War led to the creation of a bunch of superhuman who went into hiding following its conclusion, and after some super adversary invades the country they need to get the gang back together to defeat it.

One of them just happens to be a giant bear whose weapon of choice just happens to be a huge Gatling gun:

Pretty crazy right. Obviously the bear is my favourite but that guy with the weird scimitars looks pretty cool too, and the cyborg. Can’t wait to hear their ridiculous back stories and decide which one is my actual favourite based on that. Probably still the bear.

If this is anything like Hardcore Henry from earlier this year, then you know it’s a winner.


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