Watch These Russians With Face Tattoos Talk About Depression In Their Home Country

Russian Face Tattoos

Haunting, intense and important filmmaking.

It’s undeniable that Russia is a very weird place, but I don’t think I’ve ever really stopped and thought about how it must be for all the people living there who go against the grain.

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That’s why I’m thankful for this video, which probably has one of the most bizarre concepts I’ve ever considered. The filmmaker has decided to interview young Russians with face tattoos about their thoughts about the country and the result is an intimate portrayal of depression and loneliness in the country that I don’t think I’ve really ever seen anything like.

It’s haunting stuff but also superb intense and important filmmaking. Check it out below:

Really eye opening, emotional stuff. Not to rip the piss out of it, but I hope that the filmmakers managed to get them all to hang out together as they all seemed pretty lonely. Chances are they would all get on with one another if they had the chance though as they all seem pretty disconnected from Russia and of course they all have their facial tattoos in common. Fingers crossed.

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