Russian Road Rage Goes Wrong When Angry Man Is Confronted By Huge Dog

Road Rage Attack Goes Wrong Giant Dog

If you’re gonna try and mess someone up make sure they don’t have a huge dog looking out for them.

If you’re gonna commit a road rage attack on somebody then you probably want to make it more like this attempt which ends up in a savage baseball bat attack rather than the one depicted in the video below.

Of course it’s from Russia and I’m not really sure what the guy who gets out of his car’s problem is with the guy in front of him – I guess he probably cut him up or something? – but he looks like he needed to take matters into his own hands as he gets out of his car in the traffic jam and heads up the driver to confront him. Unfortunately for him though he didn’t bank on the guy having a huge dog in his car that was all too eager to mess him up and protect his owner.

That’s why dogs are man’s best friend after all. A lot of the time they even look like their owners too, which makes them even better.


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