Russian Newspaper Says ‘Fat And Disgusting’ Women In Manchester Are Turning Men Gay

To say this is offensive would be an understatement.

A Russian Newspaper is in hot water after saying that the women in Manchester are so fat and disgusting that it is turning men gay.

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Komsomolskaya Pravda talks about the ‘debauchery’ and ‘gay attitudes’ in a negative way, while columnist Alisa Titko, who recently visited Manchester, said:

Alisa Titko

Their women are so fat, they look disgusting to their men.

You see, they eat so much fast food and potatoes. And they drink beer from huge glasses. Here is the result. It is true that there are many fat people in Manchester. Local young women don’t mind when fat hangs down from their stomach and body – and does not fit into their jeans.

Whatever, when they go to a nightclub they put on tight fit leggings and mini-dresses. Of course, it is hardly possible that men turn gay because girls are too fat and non-sexual. But it can influence it too.

As if this woman’s rant couldn’t get any worse, she went on to criticise the liberal gay attitude in Manchester:

In Manchester there is a whole part of the city for gay people. Nobody told me about it, I have found it myself when I was walking around the town.

There is even a plate there saying “Gay Village”.

It is the most popular place for such couples, there are cafes and clubs there with small rainbow flags.

Of course, a young man with a girl can also go into the gay club but they should know that if somebody approaches them, it maybe not just for a chat but for something more deep.

In one cafe, there was a wedding of two rather big girls. One of them was wearing a bridal veil, the second had a black-tie on.

Their mothers and friends were sitting at the table with them. At the next table we saw a man in a skin mask who was sticking his tongue out of it when he wanted to lick the ear of his partner….

We see explicit posters on the walls, for example the one of kissing Batman and Superman.

It is such a pleasure that there are no such gay streets in Moscow.

Yeah, and it’s a pleasure people like her aren’t allowed to write homophobic bullshit in the national media. This woman’s views are sexist, homophobic and completely backwards. It’s a striking example of how bad intolerance to homosexuals in Russia is – this comes at a time where reports have claimed that gay men have been rounded up into ‘concentration camps’ in Chechnya to be beaten and tortured. Just shocking.

For more evidence of Russia’s homophobic attitude, check out this story about how Putin recently banned a picture of him in make-up because it “made him look gay”.


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